Saturday 20 July 2019
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Hydrogen sonolysis Kozakov


Apparently, in the near future methods of receiving hydrogen with use of carbon raw materials will be the main. However raw and ecological restrictions of process of steam conversion of methane stimulate development of processes of production of hydrogen of water. Among ways of receiving hydrogen from water the greatest in nuclear and hydrogen power are of interest electrolysis, sonolysis and the low-studied way of plasma electrolysis.This research is based on experimental works of some researchers and on the fact of casual receiving abnormally large amount of hydrogen at Institute of Industrial Technologies (Krivoy Rog). Conditions of casual receiving abnormally large volume of hydrogen consisted in the following: at electrolysis of alkaline electrolyte and allocation on electrodes of a target element, the glass electrolytic bathtub (5 liters) was placed on a vibrolittle table. The magnetostriction radiator (diameter 3sm) fed from the low-frequency generator was also shipped in solution. Frequency of vibration of a little table of about 13 Hz, magnetostriction radiator of 8 Hz. In fig. 1 the electrolytic bathtub and the scheme of an arrangement of electrodes is shown.



The vibrolittle table served for intensive hashing of solution. Addition of a magnetostriction radiator was made to an electrolysis picture by essential difference. At interaction of two exciting frequencies (and possibly single-period straightened electrolysis current) there was a sharp strengthening of gas emission. Gas emission looked as the boiling conical volume of electrolyte. As work wasn't connected with research activity, entry in the laboratory magazine about the applied equipment and conditions of occurrence of this effect wasn't made.


When water irrespective of, easy it or heavy, is affected by acoustic waves, destruction of the bubbles formed on surrounding firm walls, perhaps can cause nuclear reaction. This process differs from synthesis reaction. This method isn't rather investigated when scoring liquids. Some researchers revealed possibility of course of nuclear reactions when scoring liquid that is confirmed by generation of neutrons and an operating time of tritium and radio carbon and considerable γ and β radiation.


Something similar can be found in B. V. Deryagin's works. To them in the 90th years it is revealed that ultrasonic cavitation in heavy water on the titanic vibrator conducts to weak issue of neutrons. Combination of ultrasound with electrolysis stabilizes process and gives the issue of neutrons ten times exceeding a natural background. Nuclear reactions proceed during tens minutes after switching off of ultrasound.


The second motive of research of processes of a sonolysis at low frequencies is demonstration of the unique device at the Archimedes exhibition Moscow, 2002. At an exhibition this device of processing of water was presented by Oleg Alekseevich Kazakov from Kazakhstan. The sounds of ultralow frequencies which aren't caught by an ear give to water unusual prope

rties. Kazakov created the device in which water is irradiated with an infrasonic field. According to Kazakov, at influence of low frequencies in water the bunch of the ionized hydrogen is formed: its disintegration begins, it samoochishchatsya as if from in total bacteria, pollution, salts... At the stand the glass of water which edges were covered with a thick crystal raid was shown. This is the author I conditioned the device salty water, and salt, having allocated from it, I crystallized on glass walls. And water was cleared, became neutral and to that remains for long time. (The technology of desalting of sea water is extremely demanded since. it is at the moment connected with big energy consumption). Kazakov showed the accumulator consisting of plates of different metals. I poured the conditioned water, as electrolyte there, and I connected to it an electric alarm clock — ticks. Also experiment on the new alkaline accumulator with a zero potential was made. The usual water conditioned by the device was filled in in the accumulator and gave endurance within 30 minutes.  Then connected a halogen lamp from a car headlight which worked three days. The infrasonic therapeutic device which irradiates various bodies of the patient was created and allows to delete without surgical intervention from them various myomas, cysts, adenomas, stones from kidneys and a gall bladder and so forth. Works on treatment and oncological patients are begun. The mechanism of action isn't studied yet, but the fact of treatment is available. The device was awarded by gold medals at the international exhibitions in Brussels, etc. the cities and is already produced in lots. At influence of the IFS plant (10kvt) on crude oil it was succeeded to separate from it paraffin that is an actual problem at transportation through pipelines.


This physical phenomenon induced us to organize personal meeting with the author.


It is worth pointing to existence of two types of the IFS device (at an exhibition one is presented) for the medical purposes and another for impact on liquid environments. According to Kazakov O. A. influence of the device of the second view of water at consumption by the generator of 160 Watts/hour of electric energy makes a volume exit of hydrogen 9m.kub/sec. Thus water volume almost doesn't change. The power ratio thus makes 160/97200000 J that is possible only at nuclear reactions.

Extract from Kazakov O. A. letter in the Institute of Nuclear Researches, Moscow. 


- Also the effect of gas discharge from water was gained directly at water radiation by the IFS installation with immersion of the directing irradiator tube directly in water. The effect of instant gas discharge from water at radiation with a power of influence of an irradiator 10vt and the power consumption of the IFS installation of equal 160 W, at influence by an irradiator with immersion of the directing tube in open capacity with tap water was observed a departure of "water protuberanets" from a water surface up on distance of 30-40 cm from a water surface and instant filling with gas of laboratory of 9 m3 and was followed by a specific smell of rotting (possibly from instant death of bacteria in laboratory) and a tachycardia call at the operator - the author. All this occurred within 1 second, during experiment the volume of the conditioned water didn't decrease, i.e. water remained in the same volume.

Generator low-frequency G3-109     

During our visit and negotiations to Almaty in January, 2006. O. A. Cossacks it was reserved in talk on technology, being afraid to issue a process know-how. A large number of documents and certificates is collected. As it appeared, the know-how belongs generally to an alloy of which the radiator is made.                      

Other question addressed to Kazakov O. A. during a meeting, it is a site and the device of a radiator. It can be over the processed environment or placed in liquid. The design, power and a type of a radiator depends on it. The generator of frequencies (1-200 Hz, 160vt) applied by Kazakov O. A., is the standard electrotechnical device.





Concerning an alloy it was succeeded to establish that material which contained a radiator, was europium. Properties of lantanoidny group of elements are that that if they enter a radiator core alloy, amplitude of fluctuations increases in thousands of times on one energy unit of a magnetic field. (Fig. 2) Is the phenomenon carries the name a huge magnetostriction. So, for example, radiators on the basis of rare-earth magnetics can have the maximum acoustic energy to 5300 joules on cubic meter of the radiating substance while at one of the best ferromagnetic alloys this specific energy doesn't exceed 40 joules and even at a pyezoceramic it no more than 700 joules. It is established that these substances are obliged by such unusual properties to features of a structure of atoms of the rare-earth elements and uranium forming a crystal lattice. Their electronic clouds have strongly extended, asheric form (simply it is shown in figure 2).

The radiator site at a meeting didn't manage to be found out.



Unreasonably high price requested for this technology and its indistinct description stimulated us in own research work.  One circumstance which brought doubt (and somewhat on the contrary claimed), so this lack of an exit of gaseous oxygen when using by Kazakov  O. A.  its method. After studying and comparison of information materials and the accounting of an unusual occurrence of low-frequency cavitation, the following mechanism of interaction of a sound field and volume of water is represented to us. As we also assumed, influence of sign-variable pressure should be put to a surface, i.e. on the section of the gas and liquid environment, the proof of it is the demand for Kazakov O. A. invention. (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

If to arrange a nozzle at some distance in a gas phase, influence is weakened at the expense of an air layer. If to arrange a nozzle in liquid, we will receive usual sonolysis.  And here in a case when the nozzle almost concerns water level, but it isn't shipped, smoothly to change influence frequency depending on a form, capacity and volume, most likely we will find effect which was gained by Kazakov O. A. 

(19) RU (11) 97100538 (13) A

(51) 6 C02F1/34, C02F1/36



Date of the publication: 1999.02.10 


Registration number of the demand: 97100538/25 


Date of application: 1997.01.09 


Date of the publication of the demand: 1999.02.10


Name of the applicant: Cossacks O. A. 


Name of the inventor: Cossacks O. A. 


The address for correspondence: 107207 Moscow, Uralskaya St. 8-130






The way of processing of water and water systems external physical power impact which is in imposing on water or water system of a variation field of pressure - infrasonic and low-frequency sound vibrations, differing in that a variation field of pressure impose on a surface of limit of the section gas - liquid without contact of a source of fluctuations with liquid, change the frequency of fluctuations and formed on limit of the section gas - liquid of wave structures determine the optimum working frequency of a variation field of pressure by the maximum intensity.

In fig. 3 the possible mechanism of the phenomenon is offered.We will consider a single cycle of excitement of a wave of density. In fig. 3a at the initial moment of an impulse of current the nozzle influences a meniscus and excites density wave in liquid directed down ditches. Thus the speed of distribution of a wave corresponds to sound speed in water (with  where with - speed, -coefficient of compressibility, -density) and makes approximately 1485m/sec. The reflected wave from a bottom ditches, rising to the section gas-liquid, reports the lifting speed of the line of a meniscus 1485m/sec. (fig. 3b). In turn the speed of distribution of amplitude of vibration of a magnetostriction radiator and plane of a nozzle corresponds to sound speed in metal (with  E , where with - speed, E-the module of elasticity, -density) from 5100-5700m/sec. At fine tuning of exciting frequency, coincidence of counter vectors of impulses of a wave of density and a nozzle, (fig. 3v) the speed of "blow" reaches 6585m/sec. Such speed of interaction characterizes water not as liquid, and as a solid body any more. It is known that any solid body of the final sizes has own frequency of fluctuations. Coincidence of exciting and own frequency leads to repeated increase in amplitude and destruction (a rupture of molecular communications) in the fluctuating body (Fig. 4).

In case the radiator is in liquid, the main energy goes not on a rupture of molecular communications, and on compensation of sign-variable pressure, a mechanical erosion of the vibrator, on education and existence of cavitational cavities (fig. 5).

The rupture of molecular communications in water, perhaps, will lead to allocation from the volume of molecular hydrogen and oxygen. Absence as a result of reaction of gaseous oxygen in Kazakov O. A. installation. it is impossible to explain from the point of view of classical laws. Whether the mechanism of nuclear reactions at which the atom of oxygen collapses to protons and neutrons is possible? Issue of neutrons in B. V. Deryagin's experience confirms such opportunity. Only correctly put experiment can answer a question fully.

We made a vibrolittle table with the changing frequency and the 100 Watts generator of sinusoidal tension and with a frequency from 1 to 10000 Hz. Plus exact adjustment of frequency to the tenth shares of hertz. Some experiments on combination in one volume of a sonoliz and plasma electrolysis are made. For a variety of reasons we didn't manage to get the radiator possessing a huge magnetostriction. According to Kazakov O. A. it ordered "detail" for a radiator at Institute of Kurchatov, Moscow. The design and percentage of a special alloy demands consultation of experts in this area. By own forces of several magnetodynamic radiators I didn't lead production to their steady work. Alteration of powerful loudspeakers is also connected with certain difficulties.


                                                                   Project manager Hrishchanovich A.P.

                                                                                    2006 Zaporozhye, Ukraine


Our experiments