Saturday 20 July 2019
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Live webcast


The first heat without fuel was the dot-310-320 degrees. With power consumption of 385 watts nichrome spiral, powered by Latro.
Second heating fuel was not 390 degrees. C., and exposure. Power consumption -540 watts nichrome spiral.
After loading the nickel powder and heated to 310-320 degrees. C, 385 Watt, after feeding to the reactor under hydrogen pressure of 10 atm., No change in temperature has occurred. Hydrogen Sorption is expressed weakly at minimum leakage. Second heating to 390 degrees C, 540 Watt, also produced no effect. Experiments were carried out on 2-5 June. The reactor was used stainless steel, beneath the heating coil of fehrali wound on the ceramic tube.
At the moment there is a preparation and assembly of the quartz reactor at higher temperatures up to 750-800 degrees. C. It is also envisaged to measure shirt heat removal efficiency, with flowing water from a quartz tube of larger diameter, which will be around the reactor.
You can see the preparations for the experiment link
 After the publication of tests with Hot-Cat and experiment Parkhomov AG all began experimenting with high up to 1200 degrees. With temperatures. Burn helix is ​​melted reactors. Somehow, somehow just forgot about the first low-temperature (up to 450 deg. C) experiments with the E-Cat. Rossi started from them, the efficiency reached 600%. They also built and megavattnik ..... Therefore, we decided not to go up to a temperature of 1200 degrees. C. by passing a current through a nickel mesh provides its ohmic heating

  The next broadcast on-line are going to start at the end of the installation system.

Our experiments